Sprove has constantly been in the studio spending countless hours working on the upcoming releases.  There is no exact date on either of these tapes but you can expect them both to drop before the year ends.  Stay tuned.  What does "WYSC?" stand for? It is an abbreviation for the question "Why You So Confident?".  This will be a confidence tape collaborated with Norrie the Goat displaying confidence at an all-time high.  This will be the project you go to when you want to feel yourself.  What does "#WAVEY" stand for?  It is an acronym for "Without Advisory Valuing and Enjoying Youth".  Sprove in the prime age of influence.  This tape will be used to reach all sources of youth.  Even those who are considered 'old' will be able to listen to this project and feel youthful or better understand the youth.

Aaron LeSure